Apple Made in India iPhone SE 2

Apple is rumoured to be working on the second generation of its iPhone SE and a new report suggests that the device might be Made in India iPhone SE 2.

According to rumours, BGR received iPhone SE 2 sketches by a trusted source about a week ago that pictures same design what has been spotted in the video.

The video shows of a Made in India iPhone SE 2, similar to iPhone X, but it appears to be smaller. In place of the rounded stainless steel that wraps around the perimeter of the iPhone X, this device, running iOS, has a flattened aluminum, similar to the current iPhone SE. Towards the front, you can spot an “all-screen” design with a notch, also similar to the iPhone X. Lastly, vertically arranged dual-lens camera can be found towards the back.

According to a report, this model will be manufactured by Japan Display Inc (JPI) and the company will be using a thin-film touch panel, which will replace the current touch panel. Japan Display also says that Full Active LCDs are six-inch displays with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels.

Previous rumours suggest the 6.1-inch LCD model will probably sport a metal back [like older iPhones] available in several colors, adding that the other two OLED handsets will come in two sizes: one about 6.3 inches long and the other 5.8 inches.

The ‘Made in India’ tag could earn Apple some discounts and tax exemptions, which could be passed on to consumers. The iPhone SE is presently the cheapest smartphone Apple manufactures and can be grabbed from various e-commerce platforms for approximately Rs 19,000.

However, for all those holding on to their decision of waiting for the iPhone SE 2, there’s bad news. The report claims that the iPhone SE 2 wouldn’t show up at tonight’s Apple educational event and even the WWDC slated to take place in June of this year. This is possibly due to the fact that Apple has to face certain government regulations and policies in the country, which is indirectly delaying the launch. The iPhone SE 2 could, therefore, break cover possibly with 2018 range of Apple flagships slated to be unveiled sometime in September 2018.

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