Google Play Movies & TV on path of Apple TV

From now Google Play Movies & TV shows where everything is being streamed

Google has made what can be termed as a ‘big’ change in its Play Movies app. The app which until now allowed users buy or rent movies and TV shows. But Google Play Movies update has started showing which service is currently streaming the particular show. This means that if you tap on any show, it will show you other streaming apps where it is being played.

If you have that particular app, you can simply tap on the option inside the Play Movies app. This will automatically open the TV show’s page inside the particular streaming service. The new feature includes some of the most popular streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Go alongside CBS, Comedy Central, ABC and more.

See What Changelog in Google Play Movies & TV is:

The changelog in the Google Play Movies & TV app’s listing page just says ‘‘See which streaming apps offer the show or movie you want to watch.’’

already updated app? let us know if something missing here.

However, to much surprise one of the major streaming services missing from the list is Netflix. There is no reason given as to why the service is not a part of the Google Play Movies feature. Also, the feature is not available for all as of now. It will start rolling out to customers in the US within next few days.

As an update, Play Movies also gets a slight change in the UI, letting users search for content based on genres easily. In addition to this, the app has received a thumbs-down rating icon for content to make it personalised for users.

Google’s move to show third-party streaming apps inside its Play Movie & TV app brings it somewhere closer to what Apple TV offers. The tvOS-based device also shows users third-party apps that are streaming the show.

The search giant recently made another major change few days ago. The company expanded its Instant Apps program to games as well. The search giant calls the platform as Google Play Instant. This means users can now play select games before downloading it on their handsets.

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