Jio 4G Has Highest Download Speed Compare to Its Rivals in February, TRAI Confirm! Jio Fastest Network of February

Jio 4G download speed increased marginally over the previous month.

Jio has topped the 4G download speed chart, Jio fastest network of India for the month of February 2018, data revealed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) showed. The report – generated by TRAI’s MySpeed app – shows Airtel in second place, Vodafone in third, and Idea in the fourth. The Jio download speeds in February were slightly higher than its performance in January, but significantly lower than its record showing in December, and slightly lower than its results in November. The three other operators had marginally lower speeds in February when compared with January, making Jio the only operator to see a rise during the month.

4G Download Speed report for India

As we mentioned, Reliance Jio topped the list with 21.3Mbps download speeds, while Airtel clocked 8.8Mbps download speeds, Vodafone clocked 7.2Mbps download speeds, and Idea Cellular clocked 6.8 Mbps download speeds. As we mentioned, Jio saw a slight jump over its 19.4Mbps download speeds in January, but the rest saw drops – Airtel had clocked 9.4Mbps in January, while Vodafone clocked 8.9Mbps, and Idea had 7Mbps.

TRAI MySpeed 4G download speed data for February 2018

4G Upload Speed report for India

As for upload speeds, Idea continued to top the list in February, with 6.9Mbps. Vodafone clocked 4G upload speeds of 5.5Mbps, while Jio clocked upload speeds of 4.5Mbps. Airtel finished last, with upload speeds of 3.9Mbps. Vodafone was the only operator to see a drop in upload speeds from January, dropping from 6.1Mbps, while the other three saw rises. Idea rose from 6.7Mbps in January, while Jio rose from 4.4Mbps, and Airtel rose from 3.8Mbps.

TRAI MySpeed 4G upload speed data for February 2018

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